Supervision is about sniffing out potential problems before they arise

This is also why we prefer to supervise projects where we have been in charge of the analysis and also the prototyping. In these stages we described what the system should be like and through supervision we help to make sure that the final result is correct.

At the start of a software development project we spend time explaining the details of the business specifications to the developers, its details, background and context. As a result you do not need to answer the same question multiple times over and over again. This means that there will be extra time left to spend on specifying requirements. As a result the risk of miscommunication is greatly reduced. As the project continues its focus shifts from consultation to verification.

Here are some examples of what we can do:

  • Check the quality of the analysis documentation (validate and verify)
  • Check to see if the system really works the same way as described in the prototype
  • Test system functionality (in limited amounts).
  • Check the design according to the style book or existing design files
  • Estimate risks and problems on the clients side, write regular supervision reports about the state of the project