Excellence fabrics for excellent occasions

We are constantly improving out stock and paying attention to details in order to give customers value for their money. The quality of our fabrics are outstanding, it is synonymous with high quality, superiority, peerless and value.

With our fabrics, you make that event special. We are constantly making efforts to give our esteemed customers, matchless designs and colours to suite varied but memorable occasions.

Quality delivery

We pride ourselves in prompt delivery, versatility and adaptability to meet clients’ peculiar needs at short notices. We are constantly improving our designs and colors and paying attention to details, in order to give customers value for their money. Our prints remain choice for everyday personalities and clout in the media, corporate world, politicians and fashionistas and has designers signature in the African community and beyond.


Ornaments are a great home accessory, reflecting the personality of your household whilst helping to create a relaxed and homely atmosphere. Here at EL-Mufadil, we have a wide selection of ornaments, from kitchen ornaments to wall hooks, in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit you and your decor.